Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The IT Skillset of Prieur Leary

Prieur Leary

Because the weakness in every IT system is in people, not devices and machines, the quest for better and more effective cybersecurity is unlikely to end anytime soon. That is fine from the perspective of Prieur Leary, and why efforts at securing IT will almost certainly always be welcome. In the area of information technology, the storage, movement and manipulation of data most often happens in the context of business, although it can also be a critical part of educational and charitable pursuits, as well as in the public sector, as governments use data the same way.

Up until now, Prieur Leary has enjoyed a long and very fruitful career in the information technology industry, but that isn’t all he does. In part because he is fluent in Spanish and also understands Portuguese, he also has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of international business relations and he is also a financial advisor of some note. Though he can do other things, however, Prieur Leary’s specialty is in the area of information technology, which is the science involving the use of computers to store information/data, or to retrieve, transmit and/or manipulate that data.

Prieur Leary’s IT expertise allows him to know just how important it is to keep systems up to date and eliminate security threats wherever they’re found. The key to doing business online comes with knowing that the biggest threats to any IT system too often are internal, not external. That is why Prieur Leary does everything he can to make sure the systems he is in charge of are as up-to-date and as safe as possible.